Data Gap Consulting

Better Practices, Better Data

It’s a complex data world out there. Companies are aware they have data issues, but they don’t know where to start. They hear the buzzwords, but don’t know how the ever growing technological options can help them. A vast majority already employs a large number of products, but they don’t really have an integrated solution to support their decision making process at the required speed and reliability to maximize their competitive chances. At Data Gap Consulting, we have the required expertise to help you navigate through those challenges, and bridge existing gaps towards a complete solution.

Master Data Management

There is no one size fits all. Vendors might try to sell you their solution without looking at solving your particular problem. Data Gap can help you assess your real problem and evaluate the many solutions out there. MDM is not about a tool: it’s about proper orchestration of process, technology, and methodology.

Metadata Management

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of data management, mostly because companies don’t know how to make metadata collection and usage embedded  to their standard processes. Furthermore, this is a key component to proper Data Governance. Data Gap partners with a Metadata vendor and can help you build a strong metadata management practice with automated metadata collection.

Data Quality Management

It’s not data quality for the sake of data quality, it must serve a business purpose, a.k.a. fitness for use. Very often, the business has a shallow and narrow view of the data, preventing them from proactively addressing their issues. Data Gap can help you with your DQM, plus it offers a tool (DGq) to help you measure and monitor data quality in support to mature Governance and Stewardship programs.

Data Governance (DG)

According to DMBOK, “Data Governance is the exercise of authority and control (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets.” However, there can be multiple focus areas. Data Gap can help you assess your current state, plan your future state, and promote proper collaboration between business and IT to get there smoothly.

Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship encompasses the tactical management and oversight of the company’s data assets. It  is generally a business function facilitating the collaboration between business and IT, and driving the correction of data issues. There are many ways you can organize a data stewardship program, but it can be more efficient if properly supported by DG and DQM.